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Official Website of GOSchool

GOSchoolTM is an Integrated platform of web-based application Softwares and Solutions to connect and manage information by school stakeholders. If you are a school stakeholder GOSchoolTM platform can utilise for you specific needs. With GOSchoolTM you can connect with your stakeholder for effective management of information increasing communication and profitability.


GOSchoolTM ERP is the flagship product of KokSamLai Solutions, a school Resource management software. It is a simple technology solution specifically created for school to simplify the school Management. It utilizes the latest technology to facilitate a new managerial experience for the stake holder of the school (Chairman, Director, Principal and Teachers, Administrator of a School and Parents).

In an era where technology plays a pivotal role in every area of the society, GOSchoolTM ERP comes to Schools giving them a better management experience for all functionalities(Admission, Attendance, Exams, Fees, co-curricular activities and assists in the various discipline) of the School.



Make your school's website with GOSchoolTM CMS which directly manage a dynamic website providing a tool to personalized content to all your stakholders. With our CMS designed specifically for independent schools you will find Consistent layout and style between your public website and internal portals (Student, Parent, Teacher, Alumni).

GOSchoolTM CMS provides a secure unified access point in the form of a web-based user interface, and is designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific portlets. One hallmark of Education enterprise portals to decentralized content contribution and content management, which keeps the information always updated from across your stakeholder.


eLearning powered by GOSchoolTM is an online platform providing content for Education purpose only. This Platform compile content from different sources and provide an easy access for student to retrieve and view the online content specific to their Class and Syllabus.

The content provide in this website are not own by GOSchoolTM. Content are provided through Different source through links, RSS feed and HTML embed. GOSchoolTM is not responsible for any inadvertent errors that may have crept in the contents being published on GOSchoolTM..

eLearning compose of eContent, Q&A, Question Bank syllabus compiled for BOSEM and COHSEM

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Mobile App

GOSchoolTM Mobile App is a Mobile application especially created for your school Stakeholders. There are two type of Mobiles App, GoSschool ERP App and GOSchoolTM WebApp.

GOSchoolTM ERP App - Its a mobile application to access infromation of GOSchoolTM ERP. Parent and Student of Schools who has activated the GOSchoolTM ERP can access information(Academic details and Fees Details) through GOSchoolTM ERP App. it also provide an inbuilt message app for communication within the stack holder of the School.

GOSchoolTM WeApp is a free Version App to access various information provide on GOSchoolTM Portal