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GOSchool Launched with celebration of 1st Anniversary School Management Software

19 Oct, 2013:

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of School Management Software of KokSamLai Solutions will launch GOSchool - A portal exclusive created for the Educational Institution. It will act a social networking site for the educational Institutions where the Institutions will be able to create and maintain their own page free without any charges. It will be a site where anybody can have access to information related to any educational institution with a click of button. With GOSchool, the Institutions will be able to upload any information, make important announcement, post examination results etc. Basically they will be able to enjoy everything that a standard website can offer without paying a single penny. Also, for the clients KokSamLai Solutions will take the responsibility for maintaining their school page if they want. KokSamLai Solutions has managed to highlight the benefits of adopting a School Management Software. They have immensely enhanced if not created a market for Software which was nearly non-existence before SIMSLite.